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Dear business partners, WELCOME to our homepage!

VIS Export-Import is a privately owned company. We specialise in the production, trading and logistic solutions of semi-finished and finished wood products/solid wood panels made from all the main European species.

At VIS Export-Import, we unite the best producers from our region with the most distinguished clients from different European countries, based on a business philosophy that WE ALL share. This goal is pursued in addition to sustainable quality, stability and price competitiveness – the three core elements of our business strategy.

Welcome to VIS Export-Import!

František Šimák
CEO/ Managing Director


  • Founded on June 3, 1998 in Slovakia
  • From 2009 František Šimák became the exclusive owner of VIS Export-Import as well as the CEO / Managing Director
  • From the very beginning, we have closely worked with three main sub-suppliers/ the producers of oak, beech and pine solid wood panels
  • In 2004 we established a strategic partnership with 2MAX company/ the producer of hardwood solid panels made from all main European wood species and as a result, we have succeeded in building an ever prosperous partnership that completely fulfills the needs of our demanding customers

Our strengths and achievements

  • We pioneered the production and deliveries of clear pine finger-jointed as well as oak finger-jointed panels for staircases industry in Norway
  • Strategic partnership with 2MAX company 2MAX company
  • Continual progress and development of value added products
  • Over the years, a confidential and friendly relationships have been built between us, the producers and our clients. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE KEEN ON.
  • Sales by product groups - 2018

  • Sales by wood specie -2018

  • Sales by geographical areas - 2018


Working and co-operating with VIS Export-Import would signify that our business relationship is based on:

    • long-term experience in wood business
    • provide the quality control during the entire production process
    • offer excelent service and sophisticated logistics
    • ensure on time deliveries
    • satisfying and stable quality
    • price stablibilty and competitiveness
    • environmentaly responsible and friendly production chain
    • act with honestry and integrity
    • open and fair
    • keep our commitments
    • actively pursue and create opportunities
    • anticipate market needs
    • closely co-operate with our partners throughough all the relevant processes


František Šimák

Owner / CEO / Managing Director
Postgraduate degree and PhD in Forestry
Mobil: +421 903 802 420
Mail: simak@visei.sk
linkedin: https://sk.linkedin.com/in/frantiseksimak

Jana Jankovičová

Chief Accoutant
Postgraduate degree in Wood Technology
Mobil: +421 904 101 036
Mail: jankovicova@visei.sk

  • Martin Ferianc

    Office Manager, Administrative responsible
    Postgraduate degree in Wood Technology
    Mobil: +421 903 515 408
    Mail: ferianc@visei.sk

  • Radana Šimáková

    Office manager, Certification responsible
    Postgraduate degree in Wood Technology
    Mobil: +421 904 886 072
    Mail: simakova@visei.sk

  • Peter Totkovič

    Logistic Manager
    Postgraduate degree at the University
    of Transport and Communications
    Mobil: +421 903 178 688
    Mail: totkovic@visei.sk


    P. Jilemnického 36, Zvolen
    960 01, SLOVAKIA

  • Tel: +421 45 5322093
    Tel: +421 45 5322084
    Mail: sales@visei.sk
    Web: www.visei.sk

  • Company ID number: 36 031 381
    VAT registration: SK2020068039
    Auditor: Ing. Anna Kalinová ( ID no. 30 447 500 )
    P. Jilemnickeho 11, 960 01 Zvolen, SLOVAKIA
    Bank: TATRA BANKA, a.s. , Hodzovo nam. 3,
    811 06 Bratislava, SLOVAKIA