“Fritzøe Engros AS is the biggest supplier of hardwood panels and components to the Norwegian wood working market. The demand from customers regarding quality and stability is very high.
We have been working together with VIS company since 1998, and both sales and cooperation has developed very good since then. Over the years VIS has grown to be one of our main suppliers, due to very good stability, quality of material and prices. But most important for doing business together over a long time is of course very good service, quick answers and in general very good business relationship."

Ole Schei Hansen
Sales Manager Industry, FRITZØE ENGROS AS.

VIS is a reliable supplier of high stable quality and good delivery. Over many years we have experienced VIS as a stable and reliable supplier that is open to discuss and meet our special requests. We can honestly say that VIS provides the added value we want a supplier that we want to have long term relationships with.

Mats Tågerud

Noyeks have a very good working relationship with VIS, a very professional company, that provide excellent product and service.

Des Dunleavy
Director Noyeks Newmans

“When we choose our supplier of wooden plates for our staircase production we do demand a high level of stability, quality and a fair price. Our business relationship with VIS fulfill these demands.“

Henrik E. Jensen